Off-Road Builds

An off-road build will take your average Land Rover and transform it into a vehicle capable of driving on and off the paved or gravel surface. Yeah... you know what we mean... we'll build a vehicle capable of climbing even the toughest obstacles.

If you're new to the idea, your off-road capable Rover can have large tires with deep, open treads, a flexible suspension, locking differentials (trust us, this is the ultimate addition for off-roading) and a whole host of trail-ready solutions. You'll be able to drive legally to any trail and make it to the top. Tell us how far you want to go... we'll do the rest!

Land Rover Discovery 2 in the middle of a mudhole - what a rush!
Suspension lifts for all Range Rovers and Land Rovers


We offer all your off-road protection solutions! We source the hottest products to keep your trail rig safe while on the trail and looking good while travelling down the highway. We have custom sliders, bumpers, roofracks and body panels at competitive prices and can install them for you, too. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll be sure your Land Rover/Range Rover is ready for anything!

Suspension lifts for all Range Rovers and Land Rovers.

Lift Kits & Suspension

We offer lift kits and full-service suspension systems that include everything you need to tackle any trail. From mild lifts to fit a new set of off-road tires to shocks, springs, drivelines, radius arms and other bits to get you anywhere you want to go, we have the perfect solution. Give us a call and we'll get you started!

Fully locked differentials and lockers for Land Rovers and Range Rovers.


We offer full-service, hard-core off-road upgrades for all makes and models of Land Rover and Range Rover. Whether you're looking for a fully locked, tough as nails suspension or a limited slip solution for mild off-roading, we have the perfect setup to meet your requirements. We have the expertise to provide specifically what you need so you don't over-spend your build or compromise on quality and reliability.

Range Rover and Land Rover lighting and lightbars.

Light Bars/Lighting

Looking for lighting? We have too many options to list! Regardless of year, make or model, we have everything you're looking for in external lighting. From old school Hela and IPAA lighting to state-of-the-art LED lighting systems, we can help. We'll help you with everything you, including innovative wiring solutions that leverage existing light switches to keep your vehicle looking stock and unmolested.

Off-road winches and recovery gear for Land Rovers and Range Rovers


We carry every kind of recovery solution available to Land Rover and Range Rover owners. From multiple winch solutions to Hi-Lift jacks to snatchstraps and blocks, we have everything you need. We can even source the best shovels and axes for the more extreme off-road events! If you need it, we can help you get it!

Land Rover power supplies and inverters sales and installation.

Custom Wheels

We carry today's top manuafactures, including brands specifically for Range Rover and Land Rover. Regardless of size or need, we carry the best solution from manufacturers like Black Rhino and Redbourne with exclusive styling designed to optimize performance for your Range Rover or Land Rover, on-road or off the beaten path. You can even re-use your Land Rover and Range Rover center caps!

Land Rover and Range Rover off-road tires and installation.

Tires for Off/On Road

Looking for off-road tire packages? We have them! From multiple manufacturers, we have the best solution and sizes for your specific need. From mild, good looking tires guaranteed to turn heads to tires that will climb trees, we have a full range of solutions. Just tell us what you'd like to do and we'll fit the best solution under your vehicle. Give us a call!

Land Rover and Range Rover off-road air compressor sales and service.

Air Compressors

From units that operate air lockers to a portable ARB unit for occasionally filling your tires after a day on the trail. We have small and lightweight compressors that get the job done, even if it does take six and a half minutes per tire. We also have compressors that can air up 37" tires in mere seconds... we can help you select the best compressor to fit your needs!

Rooftop tent for LR3

Rooftop Tents

We got 'em! All makes and models and even custom solutions. Let us know what you want and we'll fill the request!

Land Rover Discovery roof rack from Voyager Roof Racks.

Roof Racks

Made from steel or aluminium, Voyager roof racks are the top selling rack for Land Rovers... get your rack today!

We sell and install power supplies and inverters for Land Rovers and Range Rovers.


Power all your devices without hesitation or concern with state-of-the-art power inverters and truly enjoy your next roadtrip!

Ice and elctric coolers for all your overlanding adventures.

Ice/Electric Coolers

Enhance your next overland adventure with an electric or ice cooler... or both! We have the cooler to fit your needs ? give us a call!

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