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Overlanding, the act of self-reliant, autonomous adventure-style travel, is a trend taking practitioners to remote destinations while focusing on the journey as the primary goal. It's said that an expedition is defined as a "journey with a purpose"... overlanding sees the journey as the purpose. Overlanding opens up the possibilities for this style of adventure to explore the world in a unique and personal way, at a pace that's completely comfortable for the adventurer. Not for everyone, this unique style of adventure yeilds excitement and joy around every bend.

Land Rover Discovery rooftop tent

Rooftop Tents

Roof top tents are more popular than ever due to their convenience and comfort. Securely attached to a rack that is positioned on the roof of your Land Rover, these tents can be deployed instantly. Capable of taking the abuse of the most challenging trails, these tents are the perfect addition to your next overlanding adventure.

Land Rover Discovery roof rack with rooftop tent.

Roof Racks

A roof rack, a set of bars secured to the roof of your Land Rover, is used to carry bulky items such as luggage, bicycles, canoes, kayaks, skis, or various carriers and containers, but, most importantly, an awesome place to secure a tent, or simply to sit atop your Rover and enjoy a sunset or sunrise.

Ice and electric 12-volt coolers.

Ice & Electric Coolers

An innovation that combines state-of-the-art equipment and consumer's needs, 12V coolers are sophisticated versions of your standard ice cooler. Constructed for traveling, this plug-in cooler for Land Rover overlanding fits into your Rover to keep perishables from spoiling during your overlanding trip. We can source the perfect cooler, both ice and electric give us a call!

Land Rover power supplies and inverters sales and installation.

Power Supplies/Inverters

In very basic terms, AC power is supplied from the outlets in your home and DC power is what runs accessories in your Land Rover. A device known as a power inverter converts DC power from your Rover into the AC power needed to power laptops, games and other electronic devices used on your overlanding adventure. We sell and install a wide range of inverters and power supplies to meet your specific need.

We service Land Rover brakes


We service all Land Rover and Range Rover brakes and brake systems. Service, maintenance or upgrades, we're your brake specialists.

Rear AC vent for Range Rover Sport.

Heating and A/C

We can help you with any year, make or model of Land Rover or Range Rover! If you have a Heating or AC issue, we can fix it!

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